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The Ohio Small Police Department Association

Leading Without Rank: Leadership for Line Officers

  • 22 Mar 2022
  • 08:00 - 17:00
  • Lake Erie College

Command Presence

Leading Yourself, So You Can Lead Others

Command Presence is offering a 10% discount on all training courses.

Enter Code "OSPDA" when signing up for class.

The belief that officers must have rank to be considered leaders is a myth that has hindered our profession for too long. Traditional leadership programs have focused on those who have already been promoted, but what about those who haven't? Some of the most effective leaders don't have brass on their collars or stripes on their sleeves. Leading Without Rank was designed to inspire officers to seek out leadership opportunities within organizations and provide the skills and motivation to influence behaviors of those around them. We will focus on:

Authority and Influence

Building, Maintaining, and Fixing Relationships

Personal and Professional Development

Leading Yourself and "Ownership"

Unconditional Respect

Cost: 179.00

Registration: https://commandpresence.net/register



Registration: https://commandpresence.net/register

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Jeffrey Ehasz, Executive Director

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