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5 Mar 2020 06:40 | Jeff Ehasz (Administrator)

When your employee’s hearts are not at work, the results always speak for themselves. When this happens, the response from management is either threatening the employees with termination by using their fear tactics.   


They never ask why; why is it that these employees are not performing. In many instances, it’s never the people; it’s the environment, and when you get the environment right, your employees will bring their hearts to work, and the results will be mind-blowing.  


Dispirited, unmotivated, unappreciated employees cannot compete in a highly competitive world. Work and success are all about passion; we get up and go to work for a reason. It shouldn’t be for a paycheck; it must be for something more. 

Emotionally connecting to your company’s mission is critical. It’s up to employers to get the right people in the right roles with work that is genuinely engaging because, the biggest concern for any organization is when their most passionate employees become quite, uninspired and unmotivated for their work. 

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