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Small Departments: To Train or Not to Train??

2 Jun 2020 09:03 | Jeff Ehasz (Administrator)

Re posted ....

Admin guy: Chase, what if I pay to get my people trained and educated and they leave for a better job/position/department ??

Me: Well, boss what if you don't and they stay.

This is a conversation I have on a routine basis. As a boss it's your responsibility to educate and train your people. All of them. Every single one. If they leave for a better job/position/department then take pride in that. You should constantly want better for all of your people. The politicians will scoff at people leaving. Fine, they'll never understand because all they see is money.

Boss, you get what you pay for. Look at any investment. What out there lets you put in minimal investment and gives you a maximum return? Nothing. Not a single thing. You are getting the exact return on your investment.

You train and invest in some half ass defensive tactic that doesn't work when it's opposed and then wonder why it all falls apart? You train people to an extremely low minimum standard and then wonder why they fail? It's simple. Since money is a factor let's look at it in those terms. Have you ever invested the minimum and received the maximum?

The more you invest the greater the return. Anything less is an extremely high stakes roll of the dice. That principal doesn't change just because we're talking about people and education. It takes money to make money. Invest wisely and get a high return. Invest the minimum? Then don't be surprised with the result. Shoulder the responsibility of that decision because somewhere tonight a man that rolled those dice, betting his entire legacy, is somewhat complicit in the entire Nation being on fire.

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