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Jeffrey L. Ehasz / CEO/ Director of Training

The Ohio Small Police Department Association

Chief Executive Officer
Director of Training April 2019 – Present
- Recruit Association Membership utilizing relationships developed during my Law Enforcement Career.
- Develop Training partners and venues.
- Coordinate all facets of training for OSPDA.
- Daily operations of OSPDA
- Maintain an open communication to the organization’s board of directors, report any significant information and conduct and support the administration for their board.
- Inform the board members regarding any changes or the organization’s current status and advising other members on the most preferred resolutions and strategies to meet their goals and objectives.
- Manage and oversee various organizational projects and programs that are implemented. Budget recommendation to board members and Manage human resources.
- Properly maintain and manage individuals as well as businesses that contribute positively to their organization.
- Responsible in overseeing the fundraising activities for organization which includes planning appropriate strategies as well as implementation of various regulations and strategies. More specifically, knowing the organization’s financial needs, submitting donor proposal and taking good care of the organization’s fundraising records.
- Drive strategic planning, business development, and fiscal operations. Establish positive relationships with stakeholders and other business leaders.

Pro – Tech Sales

Regional Sales Manager, Training Specialist and Ultimate Training Munitions Program Manager, Nov 2018 – January 2020
- Manage Sales of Law Enforcement Equipment in Ohio and Georgia
- Coordinate all Training opportunities
- Manage nationwide sales of Ultimate Training Munitions
- Certified Ultimate Training Munitions Force on Force Instructor

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Program Specialist, Project Manager, Law Enforcement Trainer Jan 2004 - 2018
- Develop Program budgets; equipment needs; Develop relationships with partner organizations, determining training needs and budget requirements. Advance training budgets and equipment needs. Conducted training and research.

Training Innovation Division

- Researched and worked with partner organizations developing needs on how simulation would be used to accomplish training
- Worked as subject matter expert developing scenarios for L-3.
- Scenarios developed from review of unclassified military incidents and driving Use of Force incidents.
- Worked with Canadian Army and DHS Simulation (Science & Technologies)
- Worked with Canadian Army and developed Tactical Team Room Entry Simulation utilizing Unreal Game Engine.
- Worked as Subject Matter Expert; developed Firearms Simulation.
- Solicited DHS for funds needed to foster our simulation budget.
- Liaison between DHS, TRADOC, Canadian Army and Vivendi (SWAT 4)
- Use of Force Subject Matter Expert for Shoot no Shoot study conducted by FLETC.

Counter Terrorism Division

- Program Director
- International Training Site build out
- Worked with OMB-300 to complete site, 30-million-dollar budget
- Documented white space for Training Directorate; scheduled training for 83 Partner Organizations
- Conducted use of facility meetings with Deputy Assistant Directors.

Active Shooter, Program Manager

- Conduct Advance Training for Partner Organizations and Police Departments.
- Develop training and update same due to changing tactics regarding Active Shooter and Work Place Violence.
- Develop and conduct meetings with 96 Partner Organizations on yearly basis.
- Develop training needs specific to needs of outside Police Departments and Federal Organizations.
- Certified Force on Force Instructor

Lead Instructor, Tactics

- Developed and conducted Tactical Training for Partner Organizations and outside organizations.
- Conducted room entry training and clearing tactics; Proper gun handling.
conducted Room Entry and Tactical movement to 3rd ID (Army) prior to deploying.
- Conducted room entry and tactical movement to 3rd ID prior to deploying

Defensive Tactics, Arrest Techniques, and Physical Fitness Trainer
- Demonstrated and conducted Defensive, Arrest Techniques and Physical Fitness to 82 Partner Organizations.
- updated and help develop training for Use of Force, Defensive Tactics and Arrest Techniques.
- Organized Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Training Program.

Homeland Security Corporation, Nashville, TN.

Trainer, Lead Instructor, October 2001 – Sept. 2003
- Trained in all applications of new Homeland Security screening procedures.
- Instructed about 500 new TSA Screeners in Oklahoma, Hawaii, New Orleans, Philadelphia
- Re Certification Lead Instructor, managed team of 8 instructors, Las Vegas, Reno, and Houston.
- Coordinated site surveys and day to day re certification of TSA Screeners
- Daily computerized report of Screeners re certification scores to Government for official certification. About 1000 Screeners.

Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio

Director of New Hire Testing Standards, June 1999 – 2003
- Developed new hire standards with Fit Force for Cuyahoga County.
- Presented program at Civil Service Meetings to various departments as hiring component
- Developed Norms and Standards with Fit Force for new hiring standards.
- OPOTA Academy Instructor; Defensive Tactics, OC, Baton, Use of Force, Reality Based Simulation Instructor, and Fitness.

Shaker Heights Police Department, Shaker Heights, Ohio

Corporal, Training Officer, April 1995 – 2003
- Patrol, trained LEO’s Use of Force, Active Shooter, Defensive Tactics, Arrest Techniques, Physical Conditioning, developed Fitness test Standard, And First Responder Training.
- Developed and conducted Active Shooter Training for Police Department to include 400 area Law Enforcement Officers.
- Yearly and monthly certifications of Officers in Use of Force and Firearms; shotgun, semi automatic handgun, rifle 2.23 / 5.56, less lethal munitions.
- Secured Training venues for First Responder and SWAT Training.
- Conducted initial and annual SWAT Physical Fitness Test.
- Developed and delivered SWAT Scenario Training.
- Certified Force on Force Instructor


Shaker Heights Police Academy, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Completed Ohio Police Officer Training Council Certification
- Class President
- Graduated with 96% GPA
- Presented graduation ceremony speech

Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio
Criminal Justice Major, 1995 - 1997
- GPA 3.5
- Did not graduate

Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio
Health and Secondary Physical Education, 1983 – 1985
- Varsity Football, 1983 – 1985
- Did not graduate

The Ohio Small Police Department Association is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) 

 Call or Email:                         Jeff Ehasz / CEO
 Phone: (912) 227-4440
 Email: jehasz@ospda.org

Mailing Address:
117 Willard Memorial Square
Wellington, Ohio 44090

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