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The Ohio Small Police Department Association

Law Enforcement Grant Writing 101: Discount using code "OSPDA"

  • 21 Apr 2023
  • 09:00
  • 19 May 2023
  • 16:00
  • Virtual

Law Enforcement Grant Writing 101

Upcoming Course Dates

Course Date Time (EST) Location
April 20-21, 2023 0900 X 1600 Live via Zoom
May 18-19, 2023 0900 X 1600 Live via Zoom

Course Overview: https://videopress.com/v/qezd5VBa

Course Description:


This two-day course will prepare you to write winning grant applications for equipment, technology, personnel, Police K9, and more. Unlike other grant writing trainings, this course is specifically designed for law enforcement and the grants that they will go after. This course emphasizes a systematic approach to grant preparation, including the collection and organization of agency data, proactive grant opportunity identification, grant announcement dissection, and structured writing. High quality state and federal grant application examples are presented in this course. A preview of the course materials including a schedule with a topical outline is provided below.

Course Workbook with Topical Outline

This course is highly interactive and includes the completion of several custom-made workbook exercises. Feel free to browse the free preview of our workbook, including the table of contents and course outline. Note that the exercises have been removed from this preview.


Grant Writing Toolkit

Attendees are also provided with a proprietary grant writing toolkit to warehouse materials pertinent to the grant writing process. This preformatted Excel file includes a custom timeline, budgeting tool, and data collection tool that can be used in grant applications. In addition, it is a resource to store all agency data relevant to grant writing and forthcoming grant opportunities.

Contact: https://policegrantwriting.com/contact/ or evan@policegrantwriting.com

The Ohio Small Police Department Association is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) 


Jeffrey Ehasz, Executive Director

Phone: (912) 227-4440

Email: jehasz@ospda.org

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 283
Wellington, Ohio 44090

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