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The Ohio Small Police Department Association

OSPDA Business Member: SLL, Inc.

  • 26 Jul 2023
  • Ohio

OSPDA Business Partner

Sll, Inc.

Founder of SII, Brennan Long, has over 20 years of law enforcement intelligence experience at the local and federal level.  Brennan started his career as an intelligence analyst with the Phoenix Police Department gang unit in the late 90's, and soon after 9/11 transitioned into analyst positions with the Department of Defense, and finally with the FBI (Chicago and Cleveland) for the last 14 years.  Brennan has provided intelligence support for investigations in gangs/violent crime, white collar crime, counterterrorism and major theft cases.  While in the FBI, Brennan was an intelligence outreach coordinator, attending gang and detectives meetings across the region, and working with local and county law enforcement to build and support investigations on multi-jurisdictional crime.

Brennan founded SII, LLC with the intent to bring the law enforcement intelligence experience and capabilities to local and county law enforcement.  SII, LLC provides intelligence consulting, services which support criminal investigations (tracking, case management, analysis), training and tabletop exercises to prepare departments for a crisis event.


Contact: Brennon Long blong@sii.agency

The Ohio Small Police Department Association is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) 


Jeffrey Ehasz, Executive Director

Phone: (912) 227-4440

Email: jehasz@ospda.org

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 283
Wellington, Ohio 44090

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