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The Ohio Small Police Department Association

New Business Partner PROTx Tactical

  • 27 Sep 2023
  • 30 Sep 2023
  • Ohio

New Business Partner

PROTx Tactical

Thad and PROTx Tactical  have come on board as a distributor of Reflex Tactical Presida Gel CS, Survival Body Armor and Blackington Badges.

Contact Thad or go to his website for the best prices available for the OSPDA members.

At Protx Tactical, we take pride in our mobile business model, wherein we bring our services to you at YOUR department. No more making arrangements to send officers to an offsite location, saving you valuable time.

We are focused on three specific product lines; Survival Armor ballistic vests, Blackinton badges, and Presidia Gel CS spray, a product that is being described as a “game changer” in less-lethal defense.

To learn more, contact Thad Gregg atThad@protxttactical.com  , or call 440-320-7319. You can also visit our website at http://protxtactical.com

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